Couples Counseling

Most of us begin relationships with the best of intentions. However, in moments of conflict, healthy intentions can quickly be replaced with defensiveness, fighting and hurt feelings. Oftentimes we find ourselves "dug-in hoping that our partner will realize the hurt they’ve caused and apologize. Unfortunately, we come to discover (again) that they are as deeply entrenched on their side as we are. It doesn’t work.


At Magnum Opus Counseling, we are passionate about coming alongside couples who want to know how to engage and maintain an intentional relationship where each partner strives to avoid hiding, silencing, or sacrificing their thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to win attention, affection, approval, affirmation, or involvement from their partner.


The couples who experience the most growth with our therapists are open to the process of therapy, are ready to do the hard work that is necessary, and have a willingness to trust their therapist to guide them along the way. They commit to being curious about how they can take ownership of how the insecurities, hurts, and fears that can often cause or exacerbate the negative loops they find themselves in.


Additionally, couples who report seeing positive results with us consistently entered into the counseling process with the understanding that there is not a "quick-fix" solution that will suddenly mend everything back together. Our therapists believe that healthy intimacy in relationship can be maintained when couples commit to integrating what they learn during sessions into their lives outside of therapy. And while this type of relational integration can be difficult, our therapists serve as guides, confidants, and companions on your journey. 


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